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24 April 2015 @ 11:13 am

Fandom -

Title: Keeps Me Warm

Paring: Sakumoto

Genre: Romance / Fluff

Keeps Me Warm

Jun Loves Sho.Collapse )

24 April 2015 @ 10:56 am


Title: Stay With Me?

Pairing: Sakumoto

Genre: Romance

Stay With Me?

Sho Loves Jun.Collapse )

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04 November 2014 @ 05:01 pm
    It was not as if he still loved her. Andy was the farthest thing from his mind half the time. Anthony was not jealous of her being with anyone else it was not as if their unstble relationship had not ended in flames and destruction because it had. Anthony was more surprised that of all the people in this town for her to choose she chose to surround her heart with thoughts of his closest friend. She had never shown a preference for boys like Nik. Unlike Anthony, Nik was average size (not really tall), thickly built with broad shoulders, blond, blue eyed, with a strong jawline, and an even stronger personality.He was just as dominant as Andy acted. Surely, Anthony thought, they would crash and burn before they even began.
   This was not the case. He realized that this thing between his first love and his best friend might just be something real. Nik brought her places and when she was not there Andy was the only thing on his mind as he texted her constantly. Athony had never seen that secretive little smile on Nik's face before and it startled him. When they finally got together he figured they would never last. They were too much alone to ever be regulated together. Then he saw them together.
   Somehow Andy and Nik fit. It was like looking at two halves of a whole coming together for the first time in his life and it was perhaps the most awkward thing he had ever experiences. They were never far apart but not in the overkilled sense that most couples seemed to be. It was love and some deep part of him was rueful.
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04 November 2014 @ 04:44 pm
For anyone who checks out my journal I'm sorry that it's so bare. I used to be an active member of LJ but because of school, work, and trying to finish my book I stopped logging into my original account. Unfortunately when trying to get back into the Arashi fandom here I forgot all my information to log in, seriously this happens to me all the time, and I decided to make a new LJ to use for my personal Arashi love and to publish short pieces of work from my budding writing career. I'll begin posting small works soon.
27 October 2014 @ 12:43 pm

Here's a list of things you should know about me(;

My name is Chaeann; pronounced Shayanne; and I'm an 18 year old author.

I'm working on several projects the first of which being my first book in my original trilogy, The Red. I'll be posting pieces from The Red and other books from the trilogy. I also write fanfiction for some of my favorite books and anime/manga. I write short stories and poetry as well in my free time. Also when I get the inspiration I'm an artist and I'd say I'm decent but it's not my first love.

My favorite book series is Harry Potter, I love J.K. Rowling and her abilities to create a wonderful and deep personality for every character. Her series is among my favorite to write fanfiction for because of this fact and it also has so many different branches to pull from. I also love the book series House of Night. I'm an avid reader so if you see anything interesting tell me about it.

I'm an Arashi fanatic, my Ichiban is Matsujun but Sho is a close second. I'm obsessed with the entire group despite loving Matsujun the most. My favorite songs are Carry On (Time), Sugar and Salt (Love), and last but not least Tell Me Why (Digitalian). Unfortunately I have never seen them perform live but that it one of my dreams.

So please take care of me and enjoy what I post:)
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